Algarve Wedding Celebrant


Once the legalities are over and you have chosen your stunning venue and your wedding date give me a call or send me an email.We can then chat about your ceremony ideas .I will send you a booking form and a questionnaire,which will help to give me initial ideas of your personal preferences and history.

If possible I like to meet both partners to chat.If you are not in the Algarve beforehand we can always SKYPE.

Once we have pooled ideas I can start designing your bespoke ceremony for you,which can be added to or altered at any stage.

You can include music,readings,poems,stories,anything that is meaningful and special to you as a couple.

At the heart of the wedding celebration is the desire from both partners to declare their love and commitment to each other and to celebrate this in front of family and friends .Your loved ones can be invited to actively participate if they wish to.

There are many beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremonies and rituals which can be included in your wedding and I can help guide and explain them for you if that's what you wish.

Ceremonies and Rituals

Here are some of the more popular ceremonies

Dove Releases
This is a truly memorable and romantic ceremony which is visually very beautiful.It involves the release of a pair of snow white doves from a pretty bird cage by the bride and groom.Doves mate for life and the release of the birds,symbolises the unity for love of the married couple lasting forever.

I am delighted to say that I will be able to offer this service very soon and will be the only person providing Dove Releases in the Algarve.Please watch this space.

Handfasting Ceremony.....
is an ancient European ceremony of betrothal that dates back to pre-Medieval times.It usually involves the tying or binding of the hands of the bride and groom with a colourful ribbons which symbolise different aspects of their lives coming or being bound together and staying together.A declaration of intent.It was used by Prince William and Kate at their wedding. It is also popular in same sex weddings.

The Unity Candle Ceremony.....
is one of the most common rituals used in wedding ceremonies.Two tapered candles come together to light a larger candle to represent the unity of the couple and the merging of their two lives.

(not recommended for outdoor weddings)

Sand Ceremony
The delightful blending of the different coloured sands makes a popular and contemporary ceremony.The sand is used to symbolise the merging of two lives,the bride and groom and or the combined families' with children.The layers of two or more coloured sands in the glass vessel make a beautiful memento to be treasured forever.

The Rose Ceremony.....
is simple yet profoundly moving. Roses are a symbol of love.The Bride and groom exchange two red roses symbolising the giving and receiving their love for each other.


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