Algarve Weddings

How it Works

Whether your wedding is an intimate private affair with a few close friends or an elaborate extraveganza,on an Algarve beach,private villa or perhaps a luxury yacht I can help.

A wedding in it's traditional form,whether it is in a church or registry office,has to fulfil two functions,the legal requirements of the wedding and also to celebrate the unity of a couple who love each other.Often this can lead to compromises,and complications.

Many couples opting for a beautiful wedding in the sun soaked Algarve may not want to be restricted in to having a Catholic Church ceremony or a highly impersonal registrar run wedding which has to be translated in to English from Portuguese.Instead they want some thing which is tailor made for them.

All you need to do is to arrange your marriage certificate at a registry office at a convenient time and place to you.It can be in your native country,whether it is the UK,Ireland,Holland,etc or in Portugal.This is just to legalise your wedding in the eyes of the law,you don't need family,you don't even need a ring.

Once you've done this you are then free to have your wedding ceremony,the celebration of your love,where ever,when ever and however you want.

Please remember that a celebrant cannot provide a legal marriage certificate that is recognisable in the eyes of the law,for this you need a registrar.



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